Guys, My "friend" is going in his 5 week of his first cycle. He's doing 1ml of deca and 1ml of Sust250 1x a week. He also just ended his 5 week dbol cycle a few days ago.

My friend went from 190 to 210 in the 4 weeks, mostly he suspects is from the 15mg of Dbol he was taking.

What he wants to know if he should start taking 10mg's of Nolvadex ? No signs of gyno, just some erect nipples every now and then, especially when in air-condition or a cool shower. No soreness! What he is worried about is bloating/water retention. Will Nolv take care of any water and will it also help to cut down on any fat storage? Seems like taking Nolv will take away his gains made with Dbol, true? I guess he wants to shed some fat. He also has Clen , would now be a good time to start clen? Along with Nolv and Prov?

If he gets a thumbs up for the Nolvadex, should he start his proviron with the Nolv or save the Prov till after his cycle is finished?

Also he's been aware of the controversy of the Sust250 debate, so with that in mind, can he go from a 7 day cycle to a 5 or 6 day cycle? Any pro's or con's? I think a 2x a week shot is out of the question for he is not looking for any more gains then he already has, just that he's worried that now that he stopped the DBOL some of the mass gains he has made will be lost over the rest of his cycle.