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Thread: Help!!!

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    I have ran a few cycles in the past two years. Never had any problems with pimples or acne. I ran a bottle of Decca 400 mg's a week for 8 weeks. I also took 50 mg winny tabs for the 8 weeks. I woke up one morning and my back and shoulders were covered with pimples. I have been putting some over the counter stuff on it but it doesn't seem to be working too well. It's pointless to be big for summer when you can't even take your shirt off. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks

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    Didn't you do a search on acne? There is plenty of things you can use Vit B5, Accutane, Benzoil Perroxide. It's better to have it planned out before hand because as you can see now you have the zits! Check out that search has plenty of info for ya!

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    Try and do some tanning to dry your skin up.

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    Yeah! make sure that you keep your back dry.i would use alcohol pads every so often to prevent oil buildup.

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    Go there.

    I've referenced that link a few times because I feel that B5 is really good for some users.

    I've also never had problems with acne previous to my first cycle which I am currently on, and I started getting quite a few pimples on my shoulders, chest and back, and they are starting to go away with a dose of B5 at about 9 grams a day (9000mg). You can get a good price for B5 at

    as a matter of fact go to this link

    notice if you buy one you get 2 bottles free. That has got to be the best deal I've found, and at the dosages that will help you will need such a good deal.

    hope that helps

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