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    Serious Help Needed with This Problem

    Serious Help Needed with This Problem

    Man, what the fuck am I to do. I'm one of the twig legged ones you see at your gym, but with the exception that I work the ever livin shit out of my legs. Here's the problem, I have really tight hams and ileotibial bands on my legs. This causes the patella of my knee to move out of place when I do weight bearing bending movements (read squats and presses). Also, to compound this, I have small medial quads, which are too weak to hold my knee (patella) in place. A double whammy!!

    Now, I'm literally trying everything possible to overcome this. I stretch and stretch beyond belief. People wonder why the hell I'm doing this. Also, I'm doing tons of leg extensions, particularly at the top of the movement. And, squats, with my legs close together and FAR in front of me (this is the only way I can do it w/o excruciating pain - - and I've tried it all).

    I decided to do a cycle to try to "outgrow" the problem. I'm just finishing up this first cycle. It was a mild one by all accounts 300 mg test/cyp week. I worked the crap out of my legs and they did grow a little but I really need some serious help - - a breakthrough on this problem.

    I have posted several posts on this in the training section of various forums but with little results. I know there are lots of smart bros in here so please Y'all help me out.

    I'll do the work and take the pain to build some real legs but I've gotta find a way past this problem.

    Thanks, GO

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    hmmm, try this routine for legs

    leg extension - 4 sets *warm up*
    squats - 4 sets pyramid ur weight
    hack squats - 4 sets
    leg press 45 degree angle - 4 sets

    whats ur diet like on AAS. i cant see legs not growing, unless it is ur genetics, but AAS should correct that. genetically my traps used to be small, no matter what i did they didnt grow, when i used AAS, they blew the hell up, like mountains lol !

    good luck ! im gonna look into this matter more !

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    Ok try this

    Wow this is a tough one.

    Without being able to bend your knees correctly and without feeling pain, it will be very, very hard to build up quadriceps. I hate to say that, but that is the truth. You can do leg extensions, but in my experience quads do not respond NEARLY as well to leg extensions as they do to squats and leg presses. But I'm going to reccommend two routines to you that may help your situation.

    Workout #1

    Warm-up-Pedal on stationary bike, light pace, 5 minutes

    Stretch-15 minutes. Stretching will be crucial in your situation. Make sure you stretch out your calves, hamstrings, groin, back, and most importantly, quads.

    Lying Leg Curls-3 sets warmup sets
    2 heavy sets
    1 drop set after you last heavy set

    Standing one-leg curls(or seated leg curls) 1 warmup set
    3 heavy sets

    Leg Extensions-2 warmup sets
    3 heavy working sets(for last set, include peak contractions)

    Smith Machine Front Squats-2 warmup sets
    3 heavy working sets(for last set, take 4 seconds to go down, and 4 seconds to come up...on all sets, really feel the stretch in the quads, and come up from the bottom position when you can no longer feel the stretch in your hamstrings)

    Seated horizontal leg presses-1 warmup set
    2 heavy working sets(feet close together, bring legs into chest)

    Leg extensions-1 set, 30 reps

    Stretch-5 minutes

    Philosophy behind Workout #1- You should perform this once a week. The reason you are going to hit hamstrings first is because it should provide more support to the quadriceps/knee joint. It will facilitate enough blood to the lower leg to allow for more stable presses during quadriceps. Note how there are no "real" mass builders in the quadricep routine, but if you work hard enough at them they can be almost as good as a traditional routine. You should also feel an extreme pump from them...they are among the best in this regard for legs.

    Workout #2

    Warmup-Stationary bike-5 minutes

    Stretch-15 minutes

    Leg extensions-3 warmup sets(build a really tight pump here)

    Squats-2 warmup sets
    1 DEATH SET-20 reps(for a death set, you first pick a weight you can do for 10 reps with good form. Then, on your 10th rep, lock out at the top, and take in at least 3 DEEP breaths. Then you take another rep. You take the reps one at a time, and you take at least 3 deep breaths per rep after your tenth rep. By the time you get to rep 17 or 18, you may need 10 deep breaths. I must say, this is a shit load of work, and you had better be psyched up like a crazy ass mad man or accept your small legs and move on to something else in your life. It will no doubt be the hardest work you will ever do.)

    Lying leg curls-1 heavy set, about 15 reps

    Stretch-5 minutes

    Philosophy behind Workout #2-You should perform this twice a week. It's short and intense, and all of your focus should be on that one set of squats. Forget about everything else in your life, espically your problematic legs or doing leg curls afterwards, which I doubt you will do anyway, once you try a death set. But I'm telling you, the gains will be unbelieveable, not only in your legs but in your entire body. Just make sure you add 5 to 10 pounds on the bar each time you try workout #2.

    Do not forget about nutrition, and espically protein. Don't forget about water or sleep. I do not think that testosterone or any other drug will help you if you do not train right. The key is, you have to WANT big legs. You have to want them like you would want a breath of air if you were held underwater for three minutes. THEN AND ONLY THEN will you succeed in your goal. Best of luck to you on your upcoming endevor.

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    Haha Vette!

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    Willpower, my workout is almost exactly as you posted as your first example. Diet is spot on. I eat all clean food and take a ton of protein supps. Taking in about 225-250 grams of protein a day and good carbs with oatmeal etc. I've been doing that routine, or something close to it, for about 6 months with little luck.

    There is a post in the cuttingedge thread that I think is onto something. If anyone knows any of those exercises let me know.

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