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Thread: T4!?!?!?!?!?!

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    helloooooooooooooo everyone.....aight T4...first off what the hell is it? what does it do? how much do i take? my boy that i am good friends with who is very educated when it comes to sauce says this would be good for me since i am already 6'3 and 200 with a nice frame and shit. a 10cc bottle for 115 and he said that i ony half to take a half cc shot every monday and thurs i think? I have heard of T4 before but i am not quite sure how good it is? and the side effects or what kind of results i should be expecting. Anyone with any information would really help. Thanks!!!!

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    Rephrase your question and ask about T400.

    T4 is synthroid , a thyroid medicine.

    Actually, just hit the search button and type in T400 and youll find lots of stuff on it.

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