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    Finishing Cycle when to start clomid??

    Hello Bro's:

    Need some advice from you. I am in my 13 week to finish the following cycle:

    1-10- deca @ 300
    1-10- testoviron @ 500
    8-13- tren ed@75
    8-13- winny ed @50

    Use proviron wk-2 thru now.
    When should I use the clomid. Start day one of clomid after my last shot of fina and winny?? What about nolva, should I use it in conjuction with clomid?? Should I use it 21 days as clomid??

    Thanks for your feedback.

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    3 days after last shopt of fina/winny as the fina will clear by then.

    i would recommend using the nolva with the clomid as it will dramatically aid recovery when paired.

    21 days is fine, dosed in the typical fasion

    day 1 - clomid:150mg nolva:60mg
    day 2-11 clomid:100mg nolva 40mg
    day12-21 clomid:50mg nolva 20mg

    this should do well for you.

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