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Thread: one more thing

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    timmy O'toole is offline New Member
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    one more thing

    I'm taking denkall t400 and winstrol . How bad is it if i have a couples beers once a week. Couple menaing 4-5

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    The alcohol itself should have no effect on the performance of your gear, but the problem arises when you drink too much. The next day your appetite is lessened, meaning you can't/don't eat enough, you dehydrate yourself even more so, and your motivation to work out at the level you need to suffers. I drink from time to time while on, and these things almost always happen to me the next day, even if I only have a few beers. My advise would be to not make a habit of it.


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    motoxxxguy said it perfect. Don't spend money on gear if your still into drinking all the time cause no matter what you say the next day is shit. One day out of your cycle gone!

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    Re: one more thing

    Originally posted by timmy O'toole
    How bad is it if i have a couples beers once a week. Couple menaing 4-5
    I'd be might fall down the well again!

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