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    F**ked up cycle!

    Ok here's the deal I got a bad batch of Qv test enth 250 #010. I already started my cycle:
    wk 1-10 test 250mg e3d
    wk 1-10 eq 200 mg e3d
    wk 5-10 winny 50mg eod
    I've already done 3 shots and today is my forth. Now I'm stopping the test cause it hurts(bad test enth post) and I can't get any test for 3 more weeks. So here's the question should I continue the eq as planned then start the test when I have it and run it for a couple of weeks after the eq, and then push back the winny? Or sould I stop my cycle and start it up in 3 weeks and run it as planned? Would there be a problem stopping the eq and starting up again?

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    man if anything doesn't feel right stop it can always start back up in three weeks.the gear is going to be there,deal with your body first.

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