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Thread: Is this real??

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    Question Real customs letter??

    Scammed or not?

    This is an excerpt of the letter that was in my shipment - instead of the gear; (everything looks like a bad, light copy, and the text is off-centered on the paper, barely able to read it!)

    Notice of removal

    This shipment contained item(s) that were determined to be an illegal
    importation. The U.S. Customs Service has the responsibility to
    intercept and seize illegal items when they.......................

    If you have any questions regarding The U.S. Customs seizure contact:

    Port Director of Customs
    Fines, Penalties and Forfeitures
    610 S. Canal Street
    Chicago, IL 60607

    and at the bottom is a case number: 10 printed, 4 handwritten, and 2 more printed numbers.

    I figured the letter would have been more 'professional' then a bad copy if it was for real? Or am I completely off?? The source has been in business for a while, and seems to be OK, after doing my research.
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