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    coming of cycle: NEED HELP WITH MY ANCILLERIES

    ok im coming off a 12week cycle of test cyp 600/wk & deca 300/wk also did anadrol for first 6weeks at 100mg's/ed.
    Now I have HCG & nolvadex Im looking for different opinions on at what doseages should I use of these and how long should I use them for?

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    Take at least 15-20000iu of hcg . Split it to several 2500iu shots and inject every 3-4 day. 20mg nolva ed with hcg.

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    Do you really need HCG ? Are you not using any anti-e's right now? IMHO you should have researched things a bit more.

    I'll try and help but someone better than me could offer more experienced info but here goes...HCG should be ran during your cycle not post cycle. You seem to be past the point of doing it mid cycle. Use clomid for your PCT 300/100/50. Count 20 days back from the beginning of your PCT and do 500iu of HCG for 20 days. Also do 20mg of Nolvadex per day with the HCG and keep using Nolvadex it until you finish your clomid PCT. You could lower the N-dex to 10mg during PCT.
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