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    t3 longer than 6 weeks??

    i know ur suppose to go for 6 weeks max, but what happends if u stay on for like 10 weeks??? any one tried it???

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    i think ur body develops like a resistance to it or is that clen !

    maybe becuz t3 hits the thyroid very quickly. yeah thats a good question cuz even i run it for 6 weeks max !

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    Bump for some more replies or experience on this topic.

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    bump for more replies.

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    Can't speak from a mediacal point of view, just from experience... I find it hard to sleep running T3 at higher doses which kills my recovery from hard workouts... 6 weeks is the max I can stand being on it unless you're talking about running a low dose like 25mcg to 50mcg for 10 weeks during a cycle to help boost your metabolism a little...

    Not to mention I would think the chances of permanetly screwing up your own throid production increases with longer cycles

    That would be my biggest concern, becuase then you could be stuck using Thyroid Meds for the rest of your life... T3 has enough sides using it for only 6 weeks, I would hate to have to take thyroid meds until the the day I die...
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    you can use it for 1 year and then if you taper off well, go right back to normal - docs have been prescribing it for years. Running it high for a long time will seriously screw with your sleep thats true - gotta take something for that but yes its not a problem - I wouldnt recommend more than 10 weeks without a break tho just so that you can get your whole body a rest.

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