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    need help on Test/Winny cycle

    this is my first cycle, and im on my 5th week of T-200 600mg/wk and so far i have some decent gains i went from 195 to 211lbs . but im getting a little to bulky i want to start toning up so i was going to start winny depot at wk-7 to wk-12
    i wanted to know if i cut my calorie intake to about 2000 a day and do cardio 3 times a week for 45min would i loose my gains from the Test, as of now i take in about 3500 carories a day 250-300 gms of <a href="" target="_blank">protein</a> and 250gms of carbs a day and also when i start the winny is it best to go high reps or should i stay doing low reps for my sets

    im running
    T-200 wk/1-10 (600mg/wk)
    Winny Depot wk/7-12 (50mg/ed)
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