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    clomid conspiracy

    If anyone in here has been to other boards then maybe you got this in your email. "The truth about Clomid" Some e book sayign it has all the facts about Clomid and how it is over rated. For example all those body builders in the early 60 and 70s never used it and never had gyno.
    What is your take on it? Clomid good bad or just take it cause it might work?

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    this is an elite email right ??? if so, i think someone posted about this (much more in depth) within the last few weeks. search for it if you would, and include a link in here

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    My first opinion on this is an attempt to cause an uproar to promote something... like an e-book.

    The fact is that the medical community didn't even want to acknowledge anabolic steroids had any effect on athletic performance for quite some time. And any early studies saying that Clomid has little effect on men restoring endogenous testosterone levels doesn't surprise me.

    The bottomline is that AAS does enhance athletic conditioning and muscle gain in training individuals (the Mr Olympia contenders are a prime example) and Clomid does work as a way to come off. This is very easy to tell by some basic practicle application. You can feel it helping and retianing gains are proven countless times over.

    You have to look at the real medical application for the drug. As I understand it - Clomid is given to woman to induce ovulation. It hinders estrogen and stimulates LH production to increase natural testosterone production. In return will help some woman get pregnant by triggering ovulation. These effects are used by men coming off a cycle of exogenous hormones to block estrogen and increase endogenous androgen production.

    IMO - the recent Clomid debate seems like a bunch of marketing. And anyone who hased used Clomid should be able to back up it's effectiveness.

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    KEY, you were right. Here is the link to the previous post about a week ago. I dont have the attention span to read and hold all the info. With big posts and medical stuff I tend to skip most of it and scan for key phrases.
    Oh. One more thing on my search, and yes you were right, it was from Elite. Just didnt know if I could put that name on this board. I typed in ELITE for the first search. I found out that ELITE is not well liked by most people on this board. A LOT of flaming on ELITE and their EBOOK stuff. Kinda funny.
    In short from what I read and sorta took in is: Clomid helps give you a jump start to recovery but like all drugs, dont put 100% dependancy on it.

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    There's a a couple posts on our board about this Elite news letter.

    Here's one of the longer ones:

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