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Thread: quick question

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    quick question

    Just got some denkall var 5mg tabs... looks good ... but i only have 100 of them.. how many should i take.. recommended for my dad .. he's 45 about 250 ...does powerlifting .. wants a little boost... what would you guys recommend..? would 2 a day be enough? or should i go 20- 30?

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    Ive ran 25mg ED for 6 wks a few times between cycles and while it was nice and kept the gains in a positive direction, it wasnt much to talk about.

    ID go 40mg ED minimum to see actual worthwhile results.

    At his age, Id talk to him about HRT or just some test cream even.

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    Originally posted by Billy_Bathgate
    At his age, Id talk to him about HRT or just some test cream even.

    Billy is right about the HRT (Horomone Replacement Therapy). He'd probably be able to easily get a doctor to prescribe depo-testosterone (cypionate ) or enanthate at a dose of 100mg - 200mg every week.

    That way, he can get his gear legally and won't have to worry about whether the AS is legit.

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    i know his dad doesn't want to get huge he is starting power lifting and wanted alittle help since anavar isn't that bad on you and won't blow youup thats what he wanted! he just wanted to getalittle more strength.


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