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    Winny/Sust cycle

    I'm starting a new cycle next week, running both Sust and Winny. This will be my third cycle but first time stacking.

    I'm planning on running Sust for 10 weeks at 500 mg per week, and Winstrol from weeks 8 to 12 at 50 mg every other day because it seems like the most common cycle. Would there be any less gains if I ran the Sust and Winny together from the start instead of waiting until week 8? Or if I started the Winny earlier, say in week 3 or 4? Would they work synergistically?

    I'm currently 5'9" and 185 pounds, probably 8-9% bodyfat. I don't really need to bulk up and add a lot more weight. I'm mainly running the Sust to increase my strength gains (but not necessarily my mass) and the Winny to cut. As a former NCAA sprinter I swear by Winstrol. I had great gains running Winny by itself for 7 weeks while I still competed. Also, my diet, workout, and rest regimens are very strict. Would it be possible to add just lean mass while running Sust or do I have to resign myself to getting bulky? If that is the case I may save the Sust and run the Winny by itself again.


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    I once started a cycle like that, but had to drop my TT Testonon (Sus) after 3 weeks because the BA content was killing my injection sites. So, ended up just going with the winny @ 100 mg's EOD. (I've got an entire post about this if you want to see it)

    Running the winny earlier might give you a little bit of a boost, somewhat of an effect that d-bol would have.

    Plus, there's the debate on people runnig the Sus EOD to get the full effect of the esters.

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