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    sus/test enth/d bol cycle question

    hey whats up guys, just a few questions. Im about to pick up my first cycle and im pretty well educated in what i should take except for a few questions. First im planning on takin d bol at 25 mg a week for 4 weeks and then doin sus 250 or test eth 250 for 8 weeks at 500 mg a week... totalting a 8 week cycle. my questions are as followed any help will be greaty appricated.... first do you guys recomend sus or test, which anit e's should i get (im def gettin clomid but i havent decided wther nolvadex or liquidex is better...also how should i plan my post clomid cycle and what dosage of the anit e's should i take?....i kno its a shit load of questions but like i said ne help is tremendously appricated thanks alot guys....also if you could tell me detection time on this cycle ...i read the education forum on it but it was sorta confusing thansk again.

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    I recommend test e, I love it works great. sus is not really for newbies its a more complex compound

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    I just finished my first cycle, wks1-4 dbol 30mg and wks1-10 test enan.Gained 23lb and added 50lb to bench1rm.Get some nolva just in case, dbol made my nipples very sore.I am going to start clomid in a week, 300 day1, 100next 10 days and 50 next 10 days.

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