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    Gyno from a while ago, new cycle will help

    Whatsup Bros,
    Ive been away from this game for quite some time, but im deciding to get back on. Did a cycle a while ago....well, being uneducated and over-anxious.....I took nothing post-cycle and developed gyno, not too bad, but still obvious to me. Ive been researching, I have decided to run a cycle that looks like this:

    EQ- 1-10 400mgs a wk
    PROP- 1-10 50mgs ed
    WINNY- 50mgs ed wks 8-12
    CLOMID-???, i have enough, so advice on how to administer would be apreciated.
    NOLVADEX on hand, ordering liquidex also.
    Like i said, i know that im prone to gyno due to prior mistakes. Here is my question....
    Will the size i get, and the new muscle i develop in addition to the anti-e's i take help cover up the gyno, or maybe even help get rid of it? Or will it just build on top of the gyno, or worse, under it and the gyno will still be evident on TOP of the new muscle.

    much appreciated

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    where in miami?

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