Bloating/ water retention, How do you tell?

Guys, can you give some suggestions on what every one means by water retention and bloating?

What are the signs and symptoms?

I noticed a small amount of pedal edema in my ankles, made a small indentation when pressing against my shin bone and I feel that my "clock" has a lot of fluid to be moved around, don't know how exacty to explain it, other then that my BP is great, on the low side.

I think I will get some liquidex. I have read that most take it at 0.5mg a day, orally. PnP web sight is says that Liquidex is 1mg per ml -- 50ml vial , so I can take "0.5 ml" drawn up in a needle, right?

Can I also take Priviron to help block any water? Will Liquidex do the same as proviron when it comes to water retention/bloat?

I'm a middle aged male, just started my 5th week of my first cycle.
week -2 thru 4 = 15mgs a day of Dbol started DBOL 2 weeks b4 my first week of Sust+Deca . Just finished up last week with the BOL!

week 1-12 1ml of Sust250 and 1ml of Deca

Just started taking proviron today 25mg ED.
I hope to start liquidex asap at 0.5 (from what I have read on this board)

I had my BF done at the gym on thier fancy scale, forget the brand name, but it has a small interface board attached to the scale where you can input all your information

on 3-15-03 I got the following reading

WEIGHT 189.6 lb
BMI 24.3
FAT% 11.8
FAT MASS 22.4 lb
FFM 167.2 lb
TBW 122.4lb

On 6-21-03 I re tested myself
WEIGHT 210 lb
BMI 27.0
FAT% 10.6
FFM 188.0
TBW 137.6

To find out how much muscle mass I gained do I subtract the FFM from the FFM or do the same with the TBW?

Thanks for all your replies!