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    construction work and juicing

    Hi everyone, I've been working out for about 3yrs naturally and I've made some decent gains, problem is even though I eat a ton I lose alot muscle in the summer from all the mental and physical stress of asphalt work. I still make it to the gym at 530 every morning but I think alot of times it wears me down even more. I'm 24 510 and weigh about 180 whereas in the winter I get up around 200 where I like to be. Possibly 210 would be better. I can get thai bols, sus or enanthate and some ultra-gain eq I just need some suggestions ultimately I would like to keep gaining through out the working season. thanx

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    How much is "a ton". Give me your diet. I am a cable tv lineman and never really had that problem, but I take in alot of calories through out the day and carry a bottle of water with me up every pole.

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