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    Question Primo Combination?

    What's up guys? I just got my hands on 30ml of 200mg/ml Primobolan and was wondering what would be a good combo to take with it? I was thinkin that I'd take 600mg Primo, 500mg Deca , and 500mg Test E per week. and then take 75mg Fina ed for the last two weeks of that and continue on for another 4 weeks with the fina. What do you all think. I'm open for any good ideas. Thanks guys.

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    alevok Guest
    If you give us some stats we can help you out, 600mg primo/w is waste!

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    how bou this
    1-10 500 week primo
    1-10 500 test
    6-12 76 mg fina ed .

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    I'd swap EQ for the deca and maybe run prop instead of enth. Everything else looks good.

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