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    gear and body hair.

    does everyone or most people who go gear develop more body hair? i want to do a cycle later sometime but i have heard lots of people developing lots of more body hair and i already have enough body hair and dont want anymore. or do u have to take massive amounts to get lots of body hair? also how do the pros who have done many steriods dont have a single stran of body hair on them.

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    I got hair on the back of my shoulders and alittle on my back from drol. But nothing from test...strange.
    They use razors or wax or even laser to get ride of it, just like we do.

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    I shave my whole body, but I dont really notice to much added body hair, but I think if body hair is one of those things that you are genetically prone to get then Juice will only make it worse. But the girls like the shaved look anyway.

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    alevok Guest
    Yeah I developped some hair on my chest and on my back due to sustanon intakes , but I dont give a f..k cause I can always shave.

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    shaving the back is such a bitch and i get ingrown hairs sometimes when i shave

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