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    Question Best way to use clen?

    Whats up bros,

    Just came of a 12wk fina/winny/primo cycle in which I lost 5 inches in the gut and zero inches in the arms. My body weight was 221 Apr. 1st and this morning I was 201 (I'm 6 feet 2).

    I just started clomid on sunday; 300 day 1, 100 5 days, 50 10 days. I just recieved 120 0.02 spiropent clen pills that I'm going to start tuesday morning.

    My question;

    I've never used clen before and I'm not sure witch is the best way to take it. My buddy told me the only way you want to use clen is to take 2 pills for 2 weeks, 3 pills for 2 weeks, 4 pills for 2 weeks etc. untill you get to 6 pills a day. This way I'll end up at 4 pills a day at about 5.5 weeks (120 pills). However, I've heard that you want to take clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. So whats the best way to use these 120 spiro pills??

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    well I start with one tab and add an additional one till I reach 8-10tabs/d (4+4) (5+5) and run this 2 weeks then eca for two weeks.

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    Clenbuterol is Clenbuterol. No matter if you have Spiro, Hubie, etc..
    your buddy is wrong, tell him that next time you see him. Clen is only effective for the 2 weeks duration after the 2 weeks it will start to loose its effectiveness. Also it is good to shock up the CNA with the 2 weeks on/off methind and rotating ECA/NYC stacks. In your off week, you can switch to a ECA or NYC stack then go back on the clen for 2 weeks. I would start off low dosages and then work your way up depending on if you can handle the sides effect. Go to the educational Forum and search for Cycleon's method of cycling clen.

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    Clen should be cycles 2 wks on/ 2wks off for best results. Cyle in some ECA on the off wks. If clen is cycled for more than 2wks wks at a time, your body will start to build up a tolerance to the substance and in essence will become ineffective.

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