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    Sust/Deca/Winny Cycle Deca??

    Whats up everyone,
    I just ended my 4th week of Sust and feel great. Strength increased and gained 5lbs. My question is I just got a 10 cc bottle of Deca and wanted to know if i can still throw it in with the sust/winny cycle I am doing.

    Here are my stats:
    22 years old
    not sure of bf(but not too much)

    Here is my cycle
    Week 1-10 125mg Sust EOD
    Week 8-13 50mg ED
    Week 13-15 300/100/50 Clomid
    Nolvedax on hand (just incase)

    can i throw in the Deca now for 6 weeks at 1CC/week and end it when I end my sust? I think there is 350mg per CC, but I have to double check.

    Thanks for the help everyone! I will be posting my before and after pics in a few weeks.

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    Not worth it. It's going to take 3-5wks(most likely the latter) for the stuff to get going. Save it for your next go-round

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    May 2003
    Won't it cut in by the end of my cycle then? By the end of the 10th week. Then by the 13th week if should feel its affects, right?

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