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    Stopping the prop a little short


    I am curious about how to go about this:
    I am running
    Test Prop 150 every third day wks 1-10
    Eq 300mg/wk wks1-10

    In in week 3.5 right now

    If I wanted to discontinue the prop after week 6, and continue with the EQ alone for the remainder of the cycle (for experimental reasons) how should I work with clomid? I got a ton of clomid...i could run it for a year (not really but you get the point) I could always hit some after week 6 and then again at the total cycle conclusion.

    What do you tihnk about this? If I did this, how should I administer the clomid.

    Awesome, thanks guys!

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    Why are you running Prop E3D? That is giving you some dips in blood cosistancy

    In any case, if you wanted to discontinue the Prop which I think is a bad idea(but I understand experimental desires) you would just keep on with your EQ untill the end and then start clomid 3wks after last injection. You'll still be shut down with EQ only so just treat it like your phasing out a drug(such as you do with jumpstarts to cycles)

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