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    Talking Winnie and test cycle

    I started a Winnie and Denkall t400 cycle last monday, I was wondering when I should start seeing some real results. I put on about 4-5 lbs, but I am expecting to blow-up. Or is this not a realistic expectation. Any input will be helpful

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    Re: Winnie and test cycle

    Originally posted by timmy O'toole
    I started a Winnie and Denkall t400 cycle last monday
    Would you mind elaborating a bit? There are an infinite number of ways one could run those two compounds (though only a few would be intelligent...let's hope you're in that category). Exactly how are you running it? What are your doses per week/day? How long will you be running it? Those answers would be very helpful in order for us to give you answers.

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    well, if u are starting the winny later in the cycle to finish out then you should see results with the t400 in 3-4 weeks depending on how low the dosage is. the winny will start producing results after 10-14 days.

    be more descriptive as BG said.

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