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    what kinds of results?

    hey guys,

    i'm on a 10 wk cycle of:

    35mg ED Dbol
    500mg/wk sust
    400mg/wk eq

    I started off at 165lbs, 5'7". I'm now up to 175lbs. Can you tell me if everything is going according to plan?

    I just started week 2, so that makes a total of 3 injections so far. Everything went well in that department, and i am holding a lot of water weight from the dbol. I've gained about 10lbs of weight. Not sure what % of that is actual muscle though.

    In terms of side effects, i've got a little bit of acne on my face, but nothing noticeable. But i a noticeable increase on my back. I don't feel more aggressive either, and my hair has not been falling out because i've been taking proscar 1/4 tab. The liver is doing well. 1 gallon of water, with 1g of milk thistle a day. I'm pissing like a race horse though.
    Protien intake is about 200g, with ~3000 calories. I've bumped up the N'Large 2 shakes, cuz i can't always fit in a meal, but i try to at all costs. If anything, it's in addition to the shakes, so that's a bonus.

    anyways, my appetite has increased, and so has my strength. When will i see some results from the test and eq? i've been reading up and it seems to happen around week 3 or 4. Will i like balloon up all at once, or is it a gradual thing? I am not sure if the strength increase is attributed to the dbol or the test, or both. can anyone clarify this or give me an idea of how this change in body size is gonna come? just so i know how to monitor my progress.

    I've done tons of research before i started, but i just want some feedback to make sure everything checks out ok.

    oh, the gear is definitely real. the dbol is working, and it feels like i got kicked in the ass a few times by the sust.
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    Your results depend on your diet, at week 5 you'll need to up your calories 500 a day to keep the gains coming.


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    depends on diet, trainign and rest.

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