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Thread: Arimidex/dbol

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    I would like to know if arimidex will make steroids like Eq,dbol ,winny,fina less effective like Nolvadex does. I know that you shouldnt take Nolvadex will on any winny because it will make the winny basicly do nothing. Im basiclly just wondering if it would be cool to take arimidex if im throwing winny in my cycle.

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    You shouldn't need to take ari whilst on eq or winny. It didn't seem to hinder my gains, neither did nolva. HOWEVER...I have only done one cycle where I didn't use either and that was a mild EQ/Winny and the gains were not as least mass wise as when I had some test in there. Think of it like this, would you rather gain 15 lbs with no tits. Or 20lbs with 5 of those located in your newly found A cups.

    Use it! Or have nolva on hand..which is what I prefer and do. Arimidex is too pricey for what is does for me, nolva IMO is better and cheaper.

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