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    Hi, I have to get teeth pulled. I am currently on deca , winny, and proviron . Do any of you guys know if the novacaine or the vicodin that I will take afterwords will interact with the juice? should I put it off?

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    I don't think htat the novicane or the pain killers should have any adverse effects on your cycle, other than losing a few good days at the gym. I would consider, though, that the AS could promote a little more bleeding than normal. You might want to keep this in mind and maybe mention it to your dentist or just wait IMO. Then again, I had surgery on a broken arm in the middle of a d-bol/test/EQ cycle a few months ago. never mentioned my AS usage to the doc, and everything was fine.


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    I had a root canal while on a Test/EQ cycle w/Ldex. I bled more than I ever have at the dentist. But that was the only issue.

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    I had my wisdom teeth pulled on cycle! It went fine as planned, they gave me darvacet for pain. I used them all. No problems for me!

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