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    Question Does smoking cigs or pot lower Test?

    I've heard mixed things about smoking cigs and smoking pot that it lowers your test and I'd like to clear this up. I've quit smoking pot and cigs since I've lifted weights but tho every now and then i'll smoke a doob with some friends. I used to smoke the doob every night b4 work out because it helped me mellow out and keep my focus on lifting, not only that it seems like I can do more not sure if its mental or what. You guys are probably lauging right now . Anyhow I haven't smoked cigs in awhile but have been wanting one for the longest time, I have self control to not smoke but I simply just want to, not that I'm addicted because I have quit I just luv the smell and actions of doing it. Anyhow I'm not saying I'm going to start smoking cigs and pot freq. but maybe every now and then. But if it lowers test I will continue to keep smoke free. I know this is a stupid post but i'd like some feedback. Thanks bros

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    I smoke both, marijuana to relax / increase appetite, cigarettes just to relax / after sex. I understand your love for the action / smell, I have the same passion. Nothing like having a smoke or a joint. Due to the fact that nicotine curbs appetite however, I don't smoke often because it just makes it more difficult to get in those necessary calories. As for marijuana lowering test levels, I haven't seen any hard proof of it yet (and even the little tidbits I've seen here and there show the decrease (if any) to be negligible, so I wouldn't sweat it.

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    I would do a search for medical studies on the issue. I have seen a few studies done which indicate that pot does indeed lower Test levels. To what degree I'm not sure. I'm sure the studies you come across will have the exact numbers.

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    Pot does lower Test levels and up Estro levels. It's just like alcohol. It's not in huge amounts probably, but I quit as soon as I found out. I smoked pot for 12 years.

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    I read a study on pot and test. in a bio. text book of mine last year sometime. Apparently it does lower test thus lowering sperm count. However, you have to be more than just the casual pot smoker. I think you gotta smoke a lot of pot to have that effect.

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    THC and Testosterone

    "Health concerns are one of the many reasons which contributed to the placement of marijuana in the Schedule 1 drug category. Researchers both past and present have been interested in its long term effects on the body: link to brain damage, depression of immune system, "depression of testosterone levels , chromosomal damage, bronchial and lung damage. In reviewing these literatures, one can observe uncertainty for claiming marijuana to be a dangerous substance as there are no absolute grounds upon which one can be sure to know the long terms effects on the body. Furthermore the drug categorization also neglects the multiple aspects of "set and setting" involved in evaluating marijuana's effects.Hollister, L. (1986). Health aspects of cannabis. Pharmacological Reviews, 38 (1), 1-20."

    "Effects on the reproductive systems of both men and women showed different effects. In men, a single dose of THC lowers sperm count and the level of testosterone (Hollister, 1986)."

    Hope this helps,


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