hey guysthis is the first time in ACTUALLY tryin to get as RIPPED as possible... i started at a ver high bf % after my 1st cycle i got very fat .. about 18-20% bf... any way iv been dieting ( 2500 cals ED 1 cheating day ) and doin cardio 45min 6x / wk on empty stomach ( 3.5mph , 9 incline) and this is my 5th week of my prop/fina/t3 cycle

Now my question is how do u guys get under 10%, im hopin to hit 10% in 3-4 wks and then the next 4 wks i wana get under 10% at all costs... do u sujest i increase my cardio to 2x/ ed??? or should i drop the cals ? or both??? ( i dont wana risk muscle )

ps. i dont eat any bread/rice , 50-100g of carb max ED half of that is orange juice and vegiz.. any other info will be great thanks