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    hcg questions before i start cycle

    I am going to start my cycle on Monday and I have a couple of questions about hcg .

    #1> I have the lepori hcg from spain. They are dosed at 2500iu per ml. ofcourse each 2500iu comes with a separates amp of water equaling 1ml. The thing is I have TWO 2500Iu amps of hcg, but only have one amp o the water. Can I simply dilute 5000iu instead of 2500iu of the hcg in the water. I know this is ok, atleast some people say. But I though maybe becasue the way that specific hcg is made (or the type), that it needs to be diluted in exactly the same amount of water it is meant to be diluted in.
    #2> Everyone says hcg injections can be done intramuscularily or through fat. Well on the amps i can see that it says (in spanish) that the thing is for "via intramuscular". Now what should I do. should I go by what everyone says and just inject in fat around the stomach (that is what I planned to do) or should I go by the manufacturers recomendation?

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    Bro get some Bacteriostatic Water, that way you don't have to mix both. It'll preserve it longer too.

    Do 500iu 2 consecutive day a week for week 3 of your cycle.


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