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    Question winstrol cycle,is this to much??

    i will be starting my winny cycle on monday,at 150mgs a week.i just got off the phone with my buddy in cali and he said that is to low of a dose and that i should be running it at 300 mgs a week for six weeks.then clomid,he said he gained 17 lbs after the clomid,he has kept 14 lbs and says he still has great strength he weighs 192,he started at a weight of you think this to much of a dose considering this is my first cycle and i weigh 160 lbs.advice would be appreciaeted thanks everyone,


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    Winny needs to be taken ED and a good starting dose is 50mg for 6 weeks.

    Are you running anything else in this cycle like test or deca ? I would run test to help out with the joints and some of the other benifits of test

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    Originally posted by TheMudMan
    I would run test to help out with the joints and some of the other benifits of test
    i personally have never experienced any alleviation of joint pain by running test with winny. if anything, the higher weight i am able to do because of the test just aggravates the joint pain. i wouldn't run deca solely with winny though,.

    however, i would run prop to help with the lean gains you are seeking.

    mud is correct, 50mg/ED is necessary. 150/wk won't do anything for you.

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    I agree....go with 50mg can try 5 on 2 off or something like that but it's most effective taken ED. I'm drinking mine on 2 days and injecting the other 5 to give myself a break from ED injections. And I would also add in some test and deca if I were you...make it a great 1st cycle. Something like this maybe...

    1-10:any test
    1-10:deca (will help with joint probs from winny)
    8-13: 50mg/ED winny
    14-17: Clomid
    1-17: liquidex

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