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Thread: clenbuterol

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    I've taken clenbuterol before and experience
    fairly good results. I've tried the real clen (spiropent) and
    other cheaper brands that I got south of the border.
    Anywayz I can't understand why it is illegal. Certainly
    over the counter weight loss products cause more damage
    the clenbuterol. Of course they are trying to limit
    those as well. but to me clen seems like no big deal,
    and i wish i didn't have to drive 8 hours and smuggle it
    across the border. There must be an easier way.
    I have "exercised induced" asthma which is pretty
    mild, but I find that Clen works much better then
    the Albuterol inhalers I have recieved. When I asked teh
    doctor about Clen he hadn't even heard of it? Does anyone
    know if doctors can prescibe clen>

    any help bros????

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    fuck you all bitch azz fuckers wasting my fucking time on this fucking worthless site

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    Where the fuck did that come from. Anyways, I'm sure that a doctor could prescribe it. It's just a matter of them knowing what it is and what it's for.


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    Stubby you have a real problem with knowing how to communicate with people on a real one to one basis. You name calling and tantrums are uncalled for and quite immature. Grow up buddy!!

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