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    for those who compete

    A questions for anyone on here who you run your cycles up to the day of or before your competitions, or stop them around a week before so you're not sore from injections the day of competition (which would negatively effect posing)? Let me know what you guys do. Thanks.....Peace

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    Yeah I second that. And also if you stop the day before is that if youre using sometihng like prop or a suspension that will be out of yer system in like a day?

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    I hear that's it's way better to stop like a week before the comp. Way less chance of bloat. Now me on the other hand kept on going straight through the comp and didn't slow my cycle down one bit. I used a lot of Novaldex to keep bloat down and I have to say that I was pleased with my results.

    Next time I'll do it better and stop my gear a week before and maybe even plan my cycle to workout with the competition instead of deciding to do a cycle a month before my comp.

    Mike XXL has experience with cycles and comps and would be able to give you some good personal info on this.

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