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Thread: October cycle

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    October cycle

    I am planning on doing a 12 week cycle in Oct.
    Dbol 6-10tabs for first 6 weeks
    Cyp 600-1000mg for 12 weeks
    Deca 200-400mg for 12 weeks
    Proprionate 300mg for 1st of last 6 weeks

    I need to gain a shit load of mass.

    I still have 80 Androlics 50mg's.

    Any advice.

    I have done lots of cycles before. Have not trained for 3 months and lost a lot of weight. Getting back into the gym on Monday.

    Height 6 foot 2
    Weight 200lbs

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    I'd need to know your past cycle exper for the dosages.
    If your used to 500mgs of test and your not gaining then up it to 750 etc...
    Deca depends on what u ran it b4...Alot of times ppl run it at 400mgs for 2-3 cycles and have great results. It all matters upon the person.
    I strongly suggest going back to the gym and hitting it hard. Juice isn't the answer to taking off training for periods of time bro.
    Give us alittle bit more bout ur cycle exper so we can help u out....

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