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    Clomid and weight gain

    I am new to game and could use a little help.

    I had my first cycle planned for April, but there was a problem with shipping and I haven't received my gear yet. My situation is unique due to my profession so there is a small window for me to cycle. As the window is rapidly closing I started to get anxious and decided to start taking my clomids prior to my cycle to attempt to increase my test production. I took my clomids at 100mg/day for 5 days and 50mg/day for the next 5 days. During those 10 days and approx. 3 weeks afterwards I have gained 27 pounds. My waist size has gone up 2 inches and I am having trouble wearing shoes since my feet and ankles have almost doubled in size. I have what is called "pitting edema" both above and below my ankles. If I press my fingers into the skin it will hold the finger print for almost 2 minutes. Has anyone ever heard of this before?

    I feel that I have done my homework but now I am concerned for the present and future. My cycle is supposed to consist of sust and parabolan . Is this a sign that I am going to balloon up not matter what I take?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    not sure what to tell you on your problem but what i can tell you is i doubt you are going to get real parabolan . i could be wrong but i think there is like a 5% chance of actually getting your hands on some real parabolan these days. just a heads up on that.

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    You took your clomid before you even started your cycle? I don't think I've ever heard of anyone ever doing that. I'd get some more for post cycle, if you ever even get your gear. Also make sure you actually have time to do your whole cycle properly, otherwise it's rather pointless to do it halfassed.

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