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Thread: sustanon

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    Question advice on cycling 20cc's of sustanon for best results

    I just received sustanon for the first time. I have 20cc's or injections as of now. what would be the most beneficial way to take what I have to gain the most muscle? Also what would be the best diet and antiestrogen supp to stack?
    anyone's experience with sustanon would be beneficial.
    thanks D.
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    Ok buddy, since it is sus I sppose your wanting to bulk, so a good diet would be one based on you height, weight, age, goals. For anti's-- there are so many of them, just choose one and run it. L-dex is fine, proviron is good , a-dex is good but expensive, femera, aromasin etc.... Well you only have 20 shots so 2 shots a week for 10 weeks would eb your best bet, not unless you get more and run it m-w-f for 10 weeks. Personally I would trade the sus and get cyp or enanth and run it for 12 weeks

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    What results are you wanting? What are you trying to accomplish?

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