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    Question First Cycle Anadrol?

    I am about to do my first cycle, my plan is to do one cycle, maybe even one half a cycle, i am 6' 2" 240lbs, i have been working out hard knowing that i am near the time i was going to start my cycle. I have a friend that knows a lot about AS, and he has started off a few people i know that are looking pretty good now. He wants me to take 50mg of Anadrol for a little over a month. i have been pretty excited to start doing this untill my friend who is also doing this with me showed me some things he found on the internet saying that this is a bad way to go about this. What i really want to do is just one or like i said earlier one half a cycle, and i am ready to work hard to maintain as much as possible after the cycle is over, i planned on using clomid after to help. this is not something i was to keep doing, and i am not looking to get huge huge gains, but decent gains and burn some fat in the process. can someone please recomend or tell me what i should do if i want to just do this once, twice at most and be able to keep most of what i have gained. I am in a tight situation right now due to the fact that my friend and i are suppossed to start this very soon and now i do not know what to do? what to take? and for how long?
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    DO NOT do A-BOMBS all by themselves. You need to add an injectable test if you want to keep your gains. You will lose as fast if not faster then you gained when you come off no matter if you use CLOMID or not. All the weight you will be gaining will be water bloated weight. 50mgs ED for about 5 to 6 weeks will give you great gains, but you need to be smart and eat right...AAS is just an aid, remember to eat

    You should not do an oral only cycle...I would recommend a inject only cycle if anything. Do some EQ and WINNY if you want to cut up. If you want to gain about 20lbs, I would do SUS 250 with 30mgs of D-bol.

    You should really do more research before you start this. If you have any questions and more detail so we can help, just PM me. There is a lot more to this that you need to know.

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    not only is taking anadrol alone a mistake but imo using it in a first cycle is also a mistake.try a 10 week test only cycle for a start.

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