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    Quick Sust question....

    Okay, I'm injecting Sustanon 250 for the first time and was under the impression that if I shot 2CCs once a week (500mg) that that would be fine. But now I'm reading thru this mesage board and see that other people are talking about shooting much more frequently (like every two days).
    So which is correct? How often should I be injecting and how much per shot (how many mg).
    Bear in mind that I'm stacking this with 400 mg of Deca every week.



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    When using sust it is best to inject EOD, this is only to take full advanage of the short acting esters (prop) in sust. This would add up to 750mg of test/week, a bit too much for your first cycle. I would suggest injecting x2/week (250mg on mon, thurs) to keep the blood levels as stable as possible.

    Good luck


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    Yeah. I saw the same posts. The esters and blood consistancy. I think I will stay with the twice a week 500 mg routine. 3xs a week can go away. Actually it is 400 mg but whos counting. Think it makes a differnce EOD than say mon thurs?? Maybe I should make a poll

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    If your not using enough to go EODm then it needs to be shot E3D(this would equal out to a bit over 500). If you shoot on a Mon/Thurs schedule, you'll increase chances of estrogenic sides early in the cycle from dips on blood consistancy before the other test esters stabilize.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweet
    When using sust it is best to inject EOD, this is only to take full advanage of the short acting esters (prop) in sust.

    Correct once a week really will not maintain steady levels what so ever.

    Have you thought about using a single ester test for your first cycle?

    What about some prop??

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    OK, Vinny, this is your first cycle. I would choose another ester for your test. Try enanthate or cypionate . Too many injections you'll have to do with sust for a 1st cycle. If you run sust the right way, you should inject 250mgs EOD. I just finished sust @ 750mgs/wk going W,F,Sun injections. I hated sticking myself that much with an AS that caused extreme soreness for a week in the injection site.

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