i have a question i have been doing research. heres my question i know that deca takes 10 weeks to kick in, so if i have 9 ccs left. and i was to do at least 100 mg each week. woul di t work. or at least help out. also i have at least 7 to 8 ccs of test. i have just taken my first shot today which i took 1 cc of winstrol . im goin to tbe taken 1 cc eod. but if i was to add that test maybe or that deca what will help me more. could u answer baack for me.also if there was no way to get a handle of clomid., i know test and deca causes bitch tits but the amount that i was using the dosage is not ahigh one. so if i was to go to GNC is there any supplement that mite aid in it. there has to be somtin maybe chrysin. please answer me and get backto me.