I'm a rank newbie, having completed only one cycle and presently in pct. My pct consists only of clomid b/c I couldn't get any hcg , have read mixed reviews on the necessity of hcg, and am still trying to get comfortable with using it in general.

In any event, I'm moving in the direction of wanting to use hcg as part of my pct - - even though its use may be during the actual cycle. I am reading more and more information indicating the anti-es post cycle are not very effective (compared to not using them at all) or, should be used with hcg to be effective.

In this thread, I would like to elicit the opinions of experienced aas users who have used hcg and who have not. In other words, you likely did not use it and then you did.

My question is, do you feel hcg is the most important aspect of pct, an indispensible component so to speak? Are the differences when using hcg completely noticeable in terms of maintaining mass from on cycle?

Any and all anecdotal and other experience and info on hcg is appreciated.

Thanks, GO.