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Thread: winny question

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    winny question

    I have a question about my diet while on winny alone. i'm currently on a cycle of sust but in a few weeks i'll be adding in the winny, then when the sust is through i'll be still on winny for 3 more weeks by itself. My question is...Should I significantly cut back my cals as well as my carb intake when i'm just taking the winny since winny allows the body to diet without sacrificing muscle loss. I really want to start to get lean once i'm done with the sust and i'm able to diet real clean and do lots of cardio. Currently i'm taking in about 5,000 cals a day and it's showing with the gains i'm making. I'm wondering if i should drop that to less than 3,000 when i'm on the winny or even less than that?

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    ill tell you drop your daily intake 2000 cals and u can kiss every lb u gained good bye. sust lets u retain muscle while u diet, as does any aas. And probably better than winny does. Bro, you gotta pick one or the other, bulk or cut..theres a very fine line between gaining muscle/fat ...thats why you gotta do one or te other. u will automatically drop a lot of water weght when you get off. so that will help you look and feel leaner. maybe drop cals 500 tops or so every week-2weeks..any more than that, ur body will have no fuel and those hard weeks of training and eating will have been wasted. good luck bro!

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    You got to remember if your diet is good you can still loose fat while keeping the calories up. Cut back on the carbs but not the calories keep the Protein uptake high you'll get your calories and still slim down.

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    Make sure you keep your cals up during post cycle therapy also..... you have a greater chance of going in to a catabolic state if you drop your cals durring that time. you don't want that.

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