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Thread: Profina !

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    Lightbulb Profina !

    First of all, nice and sweet forum! I love it (Terminator 3, hahaha) Everytime I was in doubt I just got into the drug profiles or forum the get some nice short and sweet answers, but today I decide to open a new account. Here is my firts post!

    If you have 50mg/ml prop when converting the fina, don't use any of the oil that comes with the kit, but instead use 22ml of prop.

    If you have 100mg/ml prop, use 11mls of oil that comes with the kit and 11mls of 100mg/ml prop.

    Prop can sometimes be a little thicker than the sterile oil in the kit, so when you use the coffee filter, it will take a little longer.

    After all is said and done , you should have around 20 to 22 mls of profina at around the fina/prop ratio of 90mg/45mg

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    The filter is old scholl Bro here's a different way to make fina or in this case profina.


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    I remember seeing that at basskiller's site

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    You are right my friend!

    I friend of mine send me that in an email.

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