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Thread: winny

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    so with me still trying to learn as much as posssible about this supplement what can i expect if someone was to take 10 5mg pills eod? what kind of damage am i looking at for vital organs? is that to many pills or should there be more pills taken?

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    Shots of testosterone is where I would start.

    Winny is hard on the liver. Id limit it to 6wks @ 50mg ED. Not EOD, ED it has a short half life and needs ED. It can also be hard on the hair, prostate, and the cholesterol levels. It will shut down your natural testosteron production, which is why you should run test with it of some kind.

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    i planned on running it with sus. i was just wanting to know about the toxicidy of it for my liver. b ut i keep hearing different opinions about running it eod or ed a buddy of mine is running it eod W/test but he is injecting it. but right now i am just learning about before i get into anything.

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    you will need to get some liver protectants such as milk thrissle,cranberry extract, etc, also drink a shit load of water cause as you should know by know winny is harsh on the liver...peace

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