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    After cutting diet. T3 question

    After my cutting diet is complete how do i keep the carb cravings to the minimum?! I know that after an cutting diet your T3 levels are wacked and thats why u put on weight rapidly even when not consuming much fat, or any. How do i maintain my achieved results? Should i use an apetite Suppressant or will it be the same after i've done that? Kind of diffuse but i hope u know what i mean...

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    Continue to do cardio. Bring your calories up slowly. Keep Carbs relatively low and make sure you are careful of your timing and placement of Macronutrients. And of course there is always willpower.

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    I think at this point carbs should be treated as a very dangerous medication that needs to be taken in the right dosage at the right intervals.

    What did you do for a cutting diet?

    I'll take a stab though and suggest that no more than 200 grams of carbs should be consumed in a day. I wouldn't go back to the old maintence level as that was for a heavier body and a lighter body will require less food.

    Low GI carbs should be consumed when you're not doing any strenuous activity. Preferably low GI carbs before activity and about 20 to 40 grams of high GI carbs after.

    Adding the carbs will boost your metabolic rate, your body will no longer think it's starving and you're thyroid should wake up.


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