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    test acne permanant or not?

    My past two cycles had test in them, enan. and prop., I developed the usual chest, back and shoulders acne. The first time it almost cleared up then I started my second cycle, after my equal off time of course. Half way through my 500mg/wk enan. and 400mg/wk Eq. I broke out. It has now been two months off, natural test. seems somewhat normal( good sex drive) but these f@ckin pimples are still here! They get a little worse then a little better but never clear......what the? I was always pretty clear before AS this permanent? All serious answers are appreciated, Thanks

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    I break out late in my cycle and durring clomid recovery but never permanant acne after I finish my clomid acne clears up! You may need to stay off cycle for a longer peroid of time to rid the acne!

    I cycle about twice a year. I dont use the time on time off, I try to give my body more time for recovery!

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