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Thread: Adding to the end of my test cycle question

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    Adding to the end of my test cycle question

    Ok, I'm on a test sust cycle and I'm on the end of my cycle. I'm 11 weeks in, and was thinking about extending it for another 4/5 weeks but also wanting to add it with tren , dbol , or with winny. My question is, should I add to the end of my test cycle to boost gains? Or just ride it out on test for another 4/5 weeks?
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    You are going to be asked for stats so have them ready. Age, height, weight, body fat % how long have you been lifting/working out. Also cycle history, and what compounds have you ran before as well as results on those

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    Well the longer you stay on the harder it is to recover and I see you didn't answer jockys question about stats.But I would say come off and do your pct.

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    I would say get some blood work done if you haven't already. Check your levels and if you feel good then you could extend it with just the sus. I wouldn't add anymore compounds. I would save them for another cycle.

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    I'd just stick to your original plan and do 12 weeks save the others for a different cycle different time.
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    You should stick to your plan. When you start changing your original plans at the end, you're setting yourself up for a host of problems and the risk is no longer worth the reward. I would end on schedule, pct, work on your diet and training, and get bloodwork. Working on that stuff can be as rewarding as being on cycle, so look at it like that. After all of that is done, only then should you start to plan out the next blast. And when you decide which route you want to go, lay it out to a T and stick to that plan. It shows a lot of maturity and willpower for a person to stick to the plan.
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