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    Newbie to forums and AS

    hi guys My names Carl I just wanted to introduce myself to the forums and I did have a few questions which I apologize for now since it will be taking your time.
    My stats
    Im 20 years old
    between 5'11"-6" tall
    weigh about 175lbs

    I workout every weekday with breaks on the weekend, I run 6 miles every other day including the weekends. Some background on me so you know where i am coming from, this past year I had really cut down on the working out since I had a girlfriend and took it for granted cause I didnt feel I need to impress her anymore(dumb me but I admit it) well since I was dating her I was up to about 195lbs(we broke up so naturally I went back to working out and lost most of it to where my current weight is now.
    Here come my questions. I dont need to be huge or monsterous, Im not doing this for sports or body building competitions but I am doing this for myself. If possible I would like to be a little bit bigger then I am now but stronger then my size shows(kind of like a power lifter), I would also like to be able to get my fat percentage down to atleast single digits so I have the rest of my abdominals showing and be considerably ripped(not the kind when muscle fibers show but rather when you have most or all muscles defined). One person I had talked to recommended that I take Clen and Primobolan . He also took in account that I do not want to take this for a very long time and I am looking for the least amount of side effects possible. Does this seem like a good choice? Are there any other recommendations you professionals could make for me and how much of it should I take? On a side note where can I get needles? And I only know of one site to buy stuff from however if there is one in America I would prefer that since the shipping would take a lot less time then the 8-21 days.

    guys thank you so much and I really appreciate everything and anything you guys have to say
    I apologize for the book but if I didnt write it out now I would probably forget


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    They are probably gonna tell you to remove that website....

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    IMO you should get back up to 195 before you start. You know that you are capable of being that size, and with the right diet and proper training, it shouldnt be that hard for you to get there again. So when you do start, you will not have to put that weight back on.
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