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Thread: 3rd cycle

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    3rd cycle

    I have run both Deca and Tren and know they don't seem to go good together but wondering if they are ran after one another.

    Wk 1-10 Deca 400mg/wk (800mg/frontload)
    Wk 1-10 Cyp 600mg/wk
    Wk 1-4/5 Drol 50mg/ed
    Wk 11-17 Tren 75mg/ed
    Wk 11-17 Prop 525mg/wk
    WK 11-17 Winny 50mg/ed

    Should I drop the cyp for prop (would be ok due to ed tren injec, or should I run the cyp to week 15)?

    Is the tren worth it in there or should I start it earlier... 5 weeks seems to be short for me.

    Ldex as anti-e .5mg/eod and clomid 21 days worth 300/100/50.

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    If they don't see too good then you need to re-evaluate what your eating.
    This is a straight up should be eating min 4500 cals a day w/ 5000 being the norm.
    My question is: Why didn't u like Tren ? I could see some ppl not like Deca ; but Tren??? If you made it right, and dosed it properly, you should have been very pleased w/ it's strenght increase's alone.
    Run the Tren & Prop starting week 10>
    Run T-3 & clen starting in week 8. 2 on 2 off. Ramp up to 80mgs.
    Clomid, & HCG during and post cycle..
    Arm throughout..

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    Id run the cyp till 15, prop or suspension 16,17. Tren is pretty short. Ive ran a cycle almost exactly like that but with Deca and the Tren the entire time for 18wks. You could start it in wk 8 if ya like.

    Ive ran tren and deca together fine. In fact I prefer it. If ya want to do it, but still be careful, drop deca down to 200mg and at least get the joint benefits from it (what I commonly do) and have no worries. Get Dostinex if your that worried.

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    Billy - what is dostinex? And avail over counter?

    MBaraso - I love tren - worked great for me. My question was I heard their can be some problems or it wasn't recommended for 1st time users to run deca and tren concurrently... thats it. I love both compounds quite a bit! Thanks for your input.

    Billy - if I ran susupension the last 2/3 weeks do I run it 2 or 3 times a day and what are the dosages?
    Also - if I run tren week 8 to 17 thats 9 weeks I will need to make 6grams? that should get me about 8.5 weeks give or take?

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