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    Test Enanthate/D-Bol/Fina - Opinions

    What's up bro's,
    I'm planning my second cycle that's gonna start in September. It's actually gonna be a pretty long as one and I respond really well to the sauce. There's going to be two back to back almost, there's a 4 week gap between the two.

    Weeks 1-10 - 500mg Test Enanthate
    Weeks 1-5 - 30mg D-Bol (ed)
    Weeks 5-10 - 100mg Fina (every third day)
    Weeks 12-14 - Clomid Therapy

    Right after clomid therapy comes another cycle, mainly cutting but I'm haven't decided what to use. It's a going to be either Fina/Winny/Prop or Eq/Winny/Prop. Most likely Fina.

    Any opinions/suggestions on the Cutting cycle or Bulking cycle.

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    I would just do one long cycle. Use HCG half way through and at the end of the cutting phase.
    Go with Prop/Fina/Winny for the cutting part. You'll really love that stack.

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