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    Question First cycle plan questions

    Hey guys, Iím planning on using test 450 for 10 weeks. I plan on pinning twice a week (.5 ml) for the first 2 weeks then try to go to once a week after. Only reason Iím planning it that way is that Iíve been told that the 1 mil injection can be really painful with the 450. I was planning on running an AI=Aromasin during my cycle then running clomid and Nolva 2 weeks after my last pin for 4 weeks. The questions I have are what dosages should I run of Aromasin, Nolva, and clomid? Thanks guys

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    "Estrogen Control, Treatment, and PCT by WARMachine"

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    How much have you read on this sight? How old are you? Stats. Read these. Should answer all your questions.

    The young and Steroids

    My First Cycle: Planning and Executing a Successful First Cycle

    Ancillary Reference Guide

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    We need stats bro Ht ,wt ,bf% yrs training goals and you can cut that test with sterile oil so it won't hurt.

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    Looks like from talking to some people on this this site and some more research Iím going to have to drop my body fat before I can consider a cycle to avoid the negative side effects . Thanks guys !
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